TIEP Professional Training Experiences and Capabilities

TIEP has decades of experience designing and delivering professional English language training programs. Examples of these programs, ranging from a few weeks to 6 months, include:

  • Elementary and secondary English teacher training courses for groups from Japan, Korea, Chile, Uruguay, India, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
  • University faculty English training courses for professors from Argentina and Brazil.
  • English training for high technology software engineers.
  • Business English training for high level corporate executives, including non-U.S. company CEOs.
  • Professional English training for non-U.S. finance & economics ministry personnel.
  • English training for very high level government leaders.
  • Maritime English training for developing country port and harbor personnel.

The elementary and secondary English teacher training programs often include placement of these teachers in Texas public schools for hands-on, practical field experiences.

Sponsors of these training programs include government agencies; international development organizations; private companies; Fulbright Commissions from diverse countries; and NGO’s.

Because TIEP can draw on the vast pool of experts in virtually all professional fields both in the Austin area and within the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) network of Texas public universities to participate as training faculty,  TIEP’s ability to develop English language professional training courses and programs is unlimited.